The other day I had to get a DVD for the church, so I went to the local Blockbuster store in Palos Heights. Unfortunately, the movie was out, so I asked the guy (okay, he was a pimple-faced high school graduate) behind the counter if there was a way he could check other stores to see if they had it. He responded, “Um…yeah, but…uh…I’d have to call them.”

Oh my bad, I didn’t mean to ask you to do your job!

If the lackluster response wasn’t good enough, my next question is how can a huge company like Blockbuster not have the capability and technology available for them to check on these things over their computers?

I just paused for a moment, slightly shook my head and left. I figured by the time he pulled out the phone book, dialed the numbers and convinced the other store’s worker to do their job, I might as well just drive over to the one on Cicero.

Fortunately, the movie was available and I quickly moved to the checkout line because I had already double the amount of time I had planned on spending getting the DVD in the first place.

There was only one employee working the register and only one person in front of me. “I’d be out of here in no time,” I thought.


The guy in front of me whipped out a bank statement and started talking about how he was charged for a movie he returned and it caused his account to overdraft. After a couple of minutes the employee called the manager over which resulted in a 7 minute discussion of what happened and how it should be resolved. The manager, the register guy, and the other worker (putting movies back) all failed to offer to ring up my rental. They just stood there going back and forth. “It’s your fault.” “No, it’s your banks fault.” “I already paid this.” etc. I stood there forever just listening to this nonsense.

This is why I use Netflix for my personal rentals. Great customer service. Great availability. Quick turn arounds. No standing in line. No people to deal with.


More like Blockbusted.

Author: erik

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  1. Sometimes I think everyone takes their job for granted…”I get paid to BE here…if you want me to WORK…now that will be extra. I am suprised that blockbuster doesn’t have a system that can track between stores. They certainly know if I have a late charge that stems from another store (not that I ever…HAD a late charge ;-D ).

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  2. where in the worl do you find all your graphics for your postings…

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  3. haha you did write about blocker buster!! thats kinda funny!!
    but this is kinda really lame!! i would have complained.
    no i lied, i would have THOUGHT about complaining, but not actually gone through with it…lol

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  4. I haven’t been IN a blockbuster in a few years… apparently nothing has changed in 10 years!

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  5. JP and I decided that we are definitely doing Netflix when we get married……….

    P.S. I always love reading your blogs. There are definitely unique!

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