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This Wednesday night we’re going to be discussing substance abuse in our youth service as a part of our current series. VH1 has a show called “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew”. Although it’s a reality show, it does seem to be fairly authentic and the drama doesn’t seem to forced or contrived. I watched parts of a couple episodes tonight in order to get some perspective on what we’ll be dealing with on Wednesday.

It’s really a sad show. The “celebrities” go through withdrawals, freak out, and reveal their dirty laundry. It’s amazing to me how deeply entrenched and how dependent people can become on drugs and alcohol.

I’m also amazed by Daniel Baldwin, who is one of the “celebrities.” Besides Dr. Drew and the other workers, he’s the only one that seems to have his head on straight (at least in the episodes I watched). It’s apparent that he has his own issues to work out, but his ability to speak to the issue is impressive (which, in my opinion, is doubly impressive for a Baldwin!).

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