When Bethany and I put Parker to bed tonight, we noticed something on the wall. Actually, a couple of somethings. The green crusted objects had dried on the wall in the last couple of days.

Me: Parker, did you put your boogers on the wall?

Parker: No!

Me: Then what are they?

Parker: [sighs] [puts head in hands] They not my boogers! [looks up] [smiles]

It’s official. My son is disgusting.

Author: erik

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  1. Actually, if you think that’s bad… I remember years ago hearing stories of one of my mom’s brothers wiping something else on the wall (something from his diaper). Not THAT’S disgusting!

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  2. so which parent is he modeling?

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  3. We’ve got a little stinker like that in our family too. I guess if they are like 13 and still wiping boogers, then we have a problem! LOL!

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