I have a Facebook account. I go on about twice a month when I need to accept friends and check the two messages I have there. I can’t stand the site. I know there’s a huge segment of Facebook fans out there, but it just doesn’t do anything for me. I do use Myspace, but that’s mainly because most of the people I communicate with are there.

Facebook has these super-annoying applications that I’ve always thought were obnoxious. However, ti’s only been in the last month or so, that I’ve heard of others complaining about them. If you have a Facebook account, you know what I mean. Vampires, Super-Walls, Fun-Walls, Am I Hot, and all sorts of other requests plague the right side of my screen. I refuse to add them.


Because whenever I go to accept them, I see this:

See the check boxes? You can change the settings for all of them except the first. If you uncheck that one, you can’t use the wonderful application (and how could our lives continue without a “Top Friends” list?).

Now maybe I’m just paranoid, but I have no clue where this application came from. Who made it? Is it secure? What information will be shared?

Thus, I currently have 60 unanswered requests.

Anyway, at least one of these applications is now installing spyware on computers. If you’ve gotten a “Secret Crush” request, you’ve probably been duped and therefore infected.

If you’ve seen this request and especially if you’ve added it, you need to check out this article. It explains step by step, what happens and what spyware is downloaded.

Do yourself a favor and run Spybot Search and Destroy, or if your antivirus program is out of date, go download and install the personal version of Blink, by Blink is an all-in-one security software that’s free for the first year. I use it at home and I’ve had a great experience with it. After the first year it costs $25, which is less than Norton’s 360 all-in-one (priced at $80). Plus it won’t slow your computer down nearly as much as Norton. I heard about it from the Security Now podcast.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. can’t stand facebook. I’ve heard people say it’s “the more sophisticated myspace.” Are you kidding me?

    You can bite me as a vampire, turn me into a werewolf, buy people, and slap, hit, spank or send 30 thousand messages a day. No thanks.

    More sophisticated? I think not.

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