At different times during the year, the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago has free admission. Today was the last one for a while, so Bethany, her grandma and I took the boys downtown for a visit. I love the reactions the boys have to each room and display. Visiting the museum is funny because many of the exhibits haven’t changed and I remember them from when I was a kid…and they haven’t aged well.

Then there’s the whole issue of getting to and from the museum. I went to their website for directions (usually I just google map it) and wrote down the info. Unfortunately, I’m a moron and passed 51st street because I was looking for exit 51. I realized it only a couple of miles later, so we got off at Canal Street. That should have been fine, except for the fact that I have no sense of direction downtown.

None whatsoever.

Since I think of Chicago as being north, I think of the Lake being north.

Wrong again.

The Lake is east. But I didn’t realize my error until we drove out of our way again.

After an extra 30 minutes in the car, we finally made it home. You’d think I’d learned my lesson, but I managed to take the long way home, too. Two words: Chicago Skyway. I hate getting lost.

Speaking of lost, Lost returned tonight. The next 7 episodes are going to be great.

Author: erik

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  1. well, now the boys can say they’ve been to Indiana.

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  2. hahaha. i love bethany’s comment. the art institute is free, too. i’m not sure for how long, but i know it’s free!
    there’s a reason why i dont drive. 1. i’m bad at it, and 2. i am HORRIBLE with directions.
    i would never drive in the city, just because it’s chaotic. i rode my bike in the loop a few times… never again. never… hahaha.

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  3. Lost was good… we finally have a show to look forward to…
    Sounds like someone needs a navigator… could be a good birthday gift? I don’t think you would need to even drop any hints!

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  4. I am good with directions, although I don’t think Katie would ever admit it. GRIN. You might want to chack out
    to find out more about them.

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