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This isn’t intended to be political (though it does address that), but rather theological. This video is only about a minute long, but it’s been running through my mind non-stop since I saw it last night. I don’t know much about Osteen. He has a large church, smiles a lot and has quite a following. I’ve never listened any of his messages.

A quick google search taught me that he’s gotten a lot of national attention. He’s appeared in magazines including Business Week and USA Today. He was one of Barbara Walter’s “10 Most Fascinating People of 2006” and was also named “Most Influential Person of 2006” by the Church Report.

The bottom line is that this guy is big and has a lot of people’s attention. And that is exactly what is pathetic about the following video.

Um, “Mormons are Christians”? He says this? He hasn’t studied this? This is either an ignorant statement or he’s pandering to the media and watering down the Gospel. Either way, it’s pathetic. Because of who he is and the influence he holds he needs to have studied this (has he been living under a rock or just spending too much time on his smile?). And if he really hasn’t taken the 5 minutes needed to learn about basic Mormon beliefs (I don’t buy it) then he needs to not offer any comment on the issue. Ridiculous.

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  1. Part of knowing what you believe is knowing what you do NOT believe. I do NOT believe that Jesus was Lucifer’s brother. I do not believe that any good man can himself become a God. And I certainly do NOT believe that it is up to my husband to decide if I will rule with him on his imaginary planet. And I’m glad that I do not believe in holy underwear. I thought Joel Olsteen was a whacko before I saw this…now I KNOW he is nuts.

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  2. that’s so sad. it’s like me trying to hold an intelligent conversation about rocket science…i know not a thing about it.

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  3. After seeing and reading this… I realized that I really don’t know what Mormons believe. I googled and this is what I found : http://www.allaboutcults.org/what-do-mormons-believe.htm
    If these statements are true, they believe some really wierd things that are NOT supported by the bible.
    Maybe Joel is hoping to get into politics?

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