scariest wedding cake ever

Chidi Ogbuta apparently likes herself….alot. For her wedding, she had a custom cake made for her wedding. It was a life-size replica of herself.

This scares me.

I feel bad for her new husband. Marrying someone who’s so self-absorbed that they need to have a cake of themselves is asking for conflict. Unless, of course, you just like to let people walk all over you.

And isn’t it odd that he’s shoving a knife in his wife/cake?

Check out this link for more cake-tastic pics.

Author: erik

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  1. i know i give you grief over posting topics that are impersonal and have no glimpse of who you are, but this honestly is my favorite post ever. i think i know what you are getting for your birthday!

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  2. I dunno….Kind of creepy.
    Hmmmm….Bethany, you may be on to something…Pastor Erik IS turning 30, isn’t he?

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  3. thats…weird!!! i wouldn’t marry her…

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