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Tonight I went to the Annual STL Tour for our Chicago South District. Basically, it serves as a reminder and a challenge to youth pastors about the needs for STL. It was a great time to connect with old friends, but I can’t help leave challenged. The Illinois District has a lot of work to do to catch up and provide vehicles and equipment for our missionaries. One of the requests waiting to be met is dated all the way back to 1999.

That’s just unacceptable to me.

My prayer is that this year, Stone Church will do it’s part to raise the necessary funds to help our missionaries reach the people to which they’ve been called.

In fact, we’ve really got to step things up at crew and become more missional. One of my goals is that 2008 would be marked by a passion to reach out to our communities and schools. It’s just not enough for us to attend a weekly service or interact in a small group. Something inside us needs to wake up and realize the world doesn’t revolve around us. Part of this starts with Missions (giving and going). Now. Not tomorrow. Not after high school. Not after college or marriage. Now.

It is called “Speed” the Light, after all.

And since we’re on that theme, here’s a STL video we made a few years ago.

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  1. The video was great! You are so creative!
    I was wondering what need has not been met from 1999 and why? Did it get overlooked or has no one taken on the project. What is the need?

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  2. it’s for a vehicle for a missionary in china.

    that was the oldest on the list. the next oldest i think were from 2001. Illinois STL giving is backlogged with requests (partly because giving has gone down the last several years).

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  3. Is “missional” a word? j/k. I think that it is very important for the church AND especially the youth to stoke their fires. All too often I think we all forget about how blessed we truly are. The ultimate price has already been paid, opening the doorway to eternity. It is very easy to sit and be content with who we are. Jesus says that we are invaluable. My question is what worth do we assign to ourselves. If “the price has been paid”, how can we not strive to continually do more in His name? I look forward to a banner year for the youth, to giving, and the Church in general.

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  4. our’s is this saturday.
    looking forward to it

    fyi.im burning ur rss feed.

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