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For a variety of reasons, I never saw Spiderman 3 while it was in the theaters. I wanted too, but just never made it. It finally came up on my Netflix cue so I decided to watch it tonight.

I’ll admit that I enjoyed the first one (and even the second) even though they weren’t as great as their Box Office numbers would suggest.

Spiderman 3 is just more of the same…except much more poorly put together. The two hour movie included not one, but three villains with a plot that doesn’t understand how to stay put. There were some good moments, a few of the action scenes were tolerable, but the end was just lame.

I can forgive silly plot holes, bad acting (pretty much every character) and ridiculous CGI, but I actually laughed out loud when Spiderman went to MJ’s (I can’t stand this name) rescue at the end. MJ is hanging from a building with the crowd looking on when all of a sudden Spiderman comes swinging in to save the day. As he passes the crowd, he lands on a building and runs across as an American Flag waves behind him.

I could go on and on, but it just seemed like there was so much going on that I didn’t believe the performances (maybe I didn’t care?) and I found myself checking my watch. And does anyone else think Peter Parker and MJ are mopey and annoying (together and apart)? I guess that’s why they were meant for each other and why they ended up getting married…oops!…they never really resolved that issue. Hmmm, it must’ve gotten forgotten or lost in one of the plot holes.

Wow, I’ve been ranting a lot recently. Anyway, I’m planning on seeing Cloverfield tomorrow. I figure I’d better see it soon before somebody spoils it for me. Here’s the trailer.

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