In our youth service tonight, we began our series “We’re Talking About It”. For the next several weeks we’ll be dealing with difficult issues that the church tends to ignore or not really deal with. Tonight we dealt with homosexuality.

My plan was to speak from some of the main texts that deal with the issue and then have a short time for questions and discussion and then finish the evening with worship and a challenge to love people dealing with this issue and to extend grace to them (instead of judgment and condemnation).

The night started out as planned, but our question and discussion time ended up taking up the remainder of our service. I was surprised to see a variety of students interacting and wrestling with the issues. Now, there were some who didn’t quite engage as much, but overall I was very pleased with how the night went.

Just before I spoke, I showed the following trailer for a movie that won several awards at the latest Sundance Film Festival. It puts this issue into perspective and reveals how important it is that we wrestle with this issue and interact effectively with our culture (i.e. boycotting and holding signs isn’t cutting it).

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  1. This makes my blood boil. For several reasons…I am angry how what Christians do in the name of God. I am angry that Christians preach condemnation rather than love. I am angry that our actions provide society with “ammo”. But, I am also angry that people who are living in a state that is contrary to the word of God, use other people’s behavior to justify their own. I think the most important element is to preach acceptance of people (doesn’ Isiah say that we are ashes, but can be made into something beautiful?), but not acceptance of a compromised lifestyle. I think this is a hard concept for most Christians to grasp.

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  2. Treating people with hatred not only makes them angry with you but it makes them hate your cause.

    If our cause as christians is to bring people to God then we need to be aware of how we are representing our beliefs and our King.

    I liked how you said last night “let’s show them the way into the kingdom with love”

    It is the ONLY way!

    I hope everyone is just as involved in the next few weeks! All of the contributions were very thought provoking!

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  3. the westboro baptist church is picketing at heath ledger’s funeral. i dont see what kind of point they are trying to make by picketing at the funerals of innocent people.

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  4. just thought i might throw this one out there, too.
    “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again…”

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