week of prayer

This week was the week of prayer at our church. It’s always a great time for Stone, but for some reason it seemed extra meaningful this year. Maybe it’s the our new lead pastor, maybe it’s just me, or maybe our church is ready for God do some great things through us. Whatever the case, I’ve been challenge this week in a variety of ways.

Our Lead Pastor encouraged us to take part in a “Daniel Fast” this week as a way of drawing closer to God. Basically, it involves only eating fruits and vegetables and juices. It’s definitely not the most difficult kind of fast, but I had my rough moments, nonetheless.

There’s something profound about being hungry for a week that raises your awareness of God. Every time I thought about eating, I’d remember why I was hungry in the first place. That reminder, in a strange way, gave me a deeper hunger for Christ. It’s almost as though the hungrier I got, the more aware I was of my need for Him.

This week has been a great start to what I believe is going to be a great year for me, my family and for Stone Church.

Author: erik

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