buckle up!

A lady in Florida was pulled over last Sunday for running a red light and swerving. When the officer approached the car, she smelled of alcohol, informed him that she never had a license and that she was running out of gas.

There was also a baby girl, unrestrained, in the back seat with her mother.

Now, before you start making judgment calls about her irresponsible behavior, you should also know that although the girl wasn’t buckled in, at least the case of beer she had in the front seat was safely secured with a seat belt.

People are insane.

(from my post the other day)

Author: erik

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  1. you are weird. why do you always post about random stuff? I thought for sure today’s post would be about “lost”, or “survivor”, or how you spend five hour putting together an entertainment center, or about how you took you kids to McDonald Playland and a little girl was riding on Kent’s back like horse…you had a full day yesterday, and this is what you came up with?

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  2. SHHHH!!! NO TALKING ABOUT LOST> I haven’t seen last night’s episode…
    As to the entertainment center, I feel the pain…I love how they have a picture of the screw so that you can match the real one to it to see if it is the correct one. I think that the people that make those directions send a camera with so that they can watch and laugh. šŸ˜›

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