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Today I went to get my tire fixed at Discount Tire. My family and I have been customers for years. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, I’ve had pretty positive experiences with them during that time.

Today was no exception.

The Honda I’m driving was recently handed down to me from my mom. She’s also been using Discount Tire. Back in 2003 she bought some Michelin tires for the car.

I showed the worker the paperwork on that purchase and even though I wasn’t the original owner, he passed the warranty on to me. That means that instead of spending over $100 for a new tire, it only cost me about $20 (which is the warranty for the new tire).

Now I just need to avoid those potholes….

Author: erik

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  1. That store rocks. Been a fan for a long time. You just can’t beat their warranty!

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