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I’m a huge fan of ABC’s show, Lost. In my opinion, it’s the best show on TV, hands down. I subscribe to the podcast through iTunes (does the guy that intro’s the podcast drive anyone else nuts?). About every other time a new episode comes out, something happens to the feed and the link is broken. I’m not sure what causes it, but it’s absolutely annoying because I either have to wait a couple of days for it to reconnect, or I have to manually download it from ABC’s website and put it in iTunes.

This wouldn’t be so bad except that it takes forever to go through the pages necessary to find it. During that process, you have to fight the automatic commercials in the process. I don’t have a problem with watching an ad if I’m going to stream a TV show or other kind of video on your site ABC, but please, don’t make me watch an ad just because I went to your page. Or at least let me pause it.


Author: erik

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