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We have a new baby in our house: a 42-inch plasma TV. I’ve been dreaming of this day for a long, long time. Through a series of amazing circumstances, last night I went to the store to pick up our new family member at over 58% off the retail price. Half of this discount was due to the current sales for the Superbowl, but the other half came in the form of gift cards we had received from many long months of earning points on our credit card. The remaining 42% will be covered by our savings account until Uncle Sam gives us a fat check as a part of the Economic Stimulus plan (if it passes, of course).

Right now we have our new baby safely set on our dresser in the bedroom until we get an entertainment stand that will properly house it on a permanent basis. (I don’t trust it on the floor downstairs where it’s siblings can knock it around.)

My inner nerd has died and gone to heaven.

Author: erik

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  1. oooohhh!
    err…Nice TV! Congratulations on your newest addtion to the family!
    And as a bonus, unlike the other two, this one DOES come with an instruction manual!

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  2. Mike..your comments are always so clever. Erik…know that we’ve had our third kid, I think I should get something nice..like diamonds.

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  3. Wow! How exciting!
    Perfect timing too!

    How long was the delivery??
    Any complications??

    Additions to the family often DO come at surprising times. LOL.

    Have fun!
    I will have Ryan check this pic out so he can congratulate you. His inner nerd will definitely find reason to celebrate!
    Take care.

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  4. Nice job on the deal! In the mean time poor Mike may have to come and visit your baby a couple times while patiently awaiting the arrival of his own… šŸ™‚

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  5. I have a 19 inch Zenith… 58 pound black box. One local channel comes in with 20 percent snow. Stupid Bunny ears.

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  6. you deserve a nice tv…you work so hard and give so much of your time and energy to church now you will something to relax you when you get home. I love when I see pastor’s being blessed by good sales and deals…it’s a reward for all that you guys do!

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