On my way into the church today I met an unfortunate setback. As I turned onto Harlem from 151st street, my front passenger tire hit one of the largest potholes I’ve ever seen. Actually, I barely saw it because it came up so quickly as I turned the corner. I really didn’t have time to react and I nailed it pretty good. There was a huge bang and within seconds I realized that my tire had gone flat.

I pulled over and checked my tire. It wasn’t pretty.

So I proceeded to pull out my spare and change the flat. Once the spare was on, I was quite proud of how fast and smooth the change went. I hopped in the car and started down the road.

I got about 20 feet.

That’s when I realized that my spare was flat, too. Fortunately, I was able to get a hold of our church Business Administrator, who drove me to a nearby gas station to fill up the spare and then back to my car again. The spare held and now my car waits for a replacement tire.

The bang of my tire hitting that pothole has been ringing in my head all day. Not fun.

Author: erik

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  1. Thank goodness that you weren’t on the highway. I know what you are saying about hearing the “bump”. My dad had a Taurus that I got to drive back and forth to school for a while…While I was grateful for the ride, the thing had like 270k miles on it…I was driving home one day and the front-driver’s side tie rod broke.(meaning the wheel basically went perpendicular to the motion of the car). I can still hear the *THUMP! SCREEECH!!!*
    to this day. Hopefully you get your tire fixed and your rim is okay.
    But, through all of this

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