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Tonight we started a new series: Guys and Girls.

I found the following graphic on Flickr, but since it was copyrighted, I emailed the owner (Chad) to see if I could use it. Fortunately, he responded quickly and was gracious enough to give me permission.

I added the topics and dates (click on the image to see a larger size). I also “cloned” the girl’s shirt to cover her barely exposed stomach (probably not necessary, but I didn’t want to have any issues). The original is here, for comparison. It’s cleaner and I like it that way, but I wanted to include the dates. I figure the trade-off is worth it if it means that students know what topics are going to be covered.

I had been planning on this series for weeks, but with our Winter Retreat just a week and a half ago, I didn’t have time to design anything. The “guys and girls” image fit great, so I’m thankful to Chad for his help.

I might have gotten permission to use the image, but tonight I basically “stole” my wife’s message called The Four Knows of Dating.

  1. Know God – we are made in His image and reflect Him
  2. Know Yourself – figure out who you are and don’t conform to what others want you to be
  3. Know your Parents – ask them about their love story and what expectations they have for you as you date
  4. Know your Standards – determine your guidelines and standards for dating now–before you are faced with a difficult decision

Author: erik

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  1. I say again, Twas a very good message you gave today and I’ll be looking forward to the next ones.

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  2. my favorite part was when perik went on a tanget about asking God to give you someone who will rub your feet. everyone….erik wouldn’t rub my feet when i was pregnant!! He made me put a sheet over them before he would touch them. Good thing this wasn’t one of top 10 things I asked God for in a mate. 🙂

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  3. smart move… i wresteled over the shirt drama but left it. you made is work. good stuff. i also like the four knows.. you’re going to make this better than i did.

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