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Bo Boshers shared at the first session at the Target conference. One of the concepts he shared was about the boiling point of water. At 212°F water transforms into gas. The goal of our faith, according to Boshers is to live lives of transformation. We are to “live at 212”. The problem is most students live below that mark–“way beneath their privilege”. They may get heated up from service to service, but they never quite make it to the point of transformation. Because they haven’t experienced this transformation, they can’t effectively shared that faith with others.

So the question becomes, how do we help students experience 212 living? And how is that sustained? What degree is my ministry at?

I’m not sure that Boshers ever really answered these questions (I suspect that wasn’t his goal), but he did offer a few thoughts:

  1. We need to expose students to the fact that they are living beneath their privilege. To reinforce the idea that God has a plan and purpose for their life.
  2. The “Reveal” Study Willow Creek did showed that Prayer, God’s Word, Community and Service were essential parts for transformation to take place.
  3. We need to model the above disciplines for students. This involves close relationship.
  4. We have a flawed assumption that when people come to an event, then life change takes place.
  5. The most important thing a leader can do is to be fully in love with Jesus. Students are looking for someone to model. What kind of example are we?

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  1. Eirk, I agree with you. It is always the prior generations responsibility to model Christ and his character to the generation that follows. And, like you said, the only way we can do that is through relationship with each other. I love breakaways and retreats but the real transformation comes when others see us praying, reading the Word of God, ministering in our communities, encouraging one another even difficult peoplein difficult circumstances. We must be obedient to walk out our faith in front of each other and the world and not just talk about it and look spiritual at church. Prayer is only good if we go from there and obediently pursue what God has commanded us. Worship if only good if we carry it into every other aspect of our lives. Giving is not just about paying a tithe but having an attitude of generosity toward others and all situations. We all need to be reminded that we are living beneath our privilege. Actually if we really new and understood what privileges we had as children of God we would not hesitate to step up and walk as sons and daughters of the King of kings! It would truly transform our lives.

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  2. Erik,
    I totally agree!
    In think our society in general is very used to having things happen “for us” that we forget that everything takes effort. Even and especially relationships. With each other and with God. I believe that nurturing our relationships with each other will help to strengthen our relationship with God. One way to keep the students AND ourselves at the 212 degree point is for us not only to be excited about and in love with God, but to not be quiet about it. I myself was quiet for way too long. I know now how wrong that was.
    It is exciting to see everyone’s exuberance for God. A pot of water that is at 212 degrees is VERY wonderful to see. I look forward to the point when it boils over and spreads across the stove.
    Great stuff!

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