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In the second session at the Target conference, we heard from Gabe Lyons one of the coauthors of the book, Unchristian. With the help of the Barna Group, they research the attitudes and opinions of late teen to early 30 years old about their perspectives and views of Christians.

Through that research they discovered the following perceptions:

  • Anti-homosexual
  • Judgmental
  • Hypocritical
  • Proselytizing
  • Too Political
  • Sheltered

Basically, he says that Christians have more than image problem; we have a substance problem. Something is wrong with the way we’ve been living out our faith.

Lyons explained that part of this is because of our understanding of the story.

For thousands of years, the story was understood as:


Then in the last couple hundred years, we’ve adopted a half story (according to Dallas Willard, a “Divine Conspiracy”). The story has been minimized to:


This half story misses out on seeing God’s restoration and recreation of the world as we live out our lives. It focuses on simply getting to heaven (and getting others there) instead of how we live out and restore creation.

He have the difficult task of changing the above perceptions into the following realities (which mirror the above list):

  • Compassion
  • Grace
  • Authentic
  • Relational
  • (he skipped this one)
  • Informed

Here’s a video about perceptions found in the book. You can visit their youtube page for great interviews and another promo video.

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  1. Ok. I admit…I had to look Proselytizing up. *GRIN*
    I think that some Christians are so set on being “christian” that they become overzealous in their views. Yes, we should live out “Christian” lives. Yes, we should love God. Yes, we help to bring others closer to Him. Judgement, I think is not one of those tenets that is listed in the Bible. Actually, I think God says to leave that part to Him.
    I am looking forward to reading that book (next on my list). They say that first impressions are usually the most long lasting. In this case, it means that we as a Christian community have a lot of work to do. A lot of “un” doing.
    Putting everything back on the right path starts with a step.

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