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This will be my last post from the Target Conference last weekend.

Reggie Joiner spoke in our 4th Session and informed us that prior to the meeting he had decided to change up what he was going to share with us.

He gave us 5 concepts that youth workers think about every week:

  1. Student (names and faces)
  2. Content (what will be shared/taught)
  3. Production (creating environments to engage a generation)
  4. Attendance/Growth
  5. Age-Group Focus (segmenting church life by age)

He then suggested that we should shift to the following concepts:

  1. Leader (invest in students and volunteer youth workers)
  2. Experience (we need to bridge the gap between what we teach and what actually occurs in a student’s life)
  3. Relationships (we won’t be able to out-produce culture)
  4. Service (not “how many are attending?” but “how many are serving?”
  5. Family Ministry Focus (don’t compete with family but compliment it)

I’m sure it’s not reflected here, but this was the best session of the Target Conference. I think these shifts are long overdue. We have a great task before us. I’ll be bringing these topics to our leaders meeting in a couple of weeks to discuss how we can make sure our focus is on the proper concepts.

In the meantime, give me your thoughts.

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  1. Yeah, I agree with the new ideas. Too tired to give reasons why.

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  2. P. Erik,
    I totally agree. I think that by focusing on the second set and encouraging student growth, the first set will naturally follow.
    I think that as students learn that they can take ownership of their faith (not saying that they don’t already) they will find that it complements their lives both in and outside the church.
    Outstanding concepts and a really great post!
    Good stuff.

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  3. It looks like you got a lot of great information at the conference. I look forward to talking about it at the next meeting! I like the part about how many are “serving” maybe we can organize a community service project this spring?

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  4. i certainly am guilty of following the agenda’s of the first group of points…it’s so hard to break out of that mold, but I know the alternatives are much more effective and productive.

    p.s..I think you’re cute.

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