valentines day

(Does anyone else love candy hearts?)

I’ve got a wonderful wife. She posted very nice things to say about me on her blog today.

She’s sick today because she caught whatever our boys had the last couple of days. We didn’t have a regular Valentines dinner or a nice night out. Instead we ordered Applebee’s for pick up. We spent the night with the boys over styrofoam take-out plates. Then we watched Survivor and Lost.

Now, I know my wife hates nights like this because she’s always stuck at home with the boys and she looks for opportunities to get out of the house, but I enjoyed it. I like staying in, relaxing and watching some TV with my family.

Bethany, you are my best friend and a constant source of strength for me. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you.

Author: erik

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  1. umm…i wrote 20 things about you. You only wrote one. I can write 19 other things that you love about me…where shall I start?

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