winter retreat highlight video

When I loaded the video onto youtube somewhere in the conversion process the audio got out of sync. Fortunately, the only time you’ll notice it is during Molly’s scream, Aldo’s Xena War Cry and at the very end during Paul’s rendition of “It’s Not Unusual”.

UPDATE: I loaded the video on Google Video and the conversion didn’t suffer any audio problems. I’ve had this happen on other youtube videos. It’s really annoying.

Author: erik

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  1. Great Job! I can’t imagine how long it took to put that together!

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  2. i’m going to try loading it on myspace videos and/or google video to see if the audio will sync correctly there.

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  3. I thought the video was truly first class! You are really good at editing!
    I hope that it syncs!
    I have seen that sync issue when there is low bandwith. Maybe try reposting at an off hour time?
    Great work!

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  4. What a great video. Good times that shall be remembered forever! ^__^

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  5. you all wonder why we never get new people??
    show them this video and they will be like WOW those people are weird!! and insane!! and never want to come. lol
    jk jk jk kinda
    really good job p. lame!! 🙂

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