Tonight we had some family over for Parker’s birthday. I love watching him open presents. My brother-in-law got him four boxes of Fruit Roll-Ups and you would’ve thought that this was the high point of his life to this point.

Birthdays remind me of how much I can’t stand toys. Everything Parker gets seems to be packaged in those crazy impossible-to-open plastic wrapping. Then you need batteries. One toy he got tonight needed 10 batteries to work. Toy companies must have some kind of deal with battery makers because the amount of batteries we go through is ridiculous.

Author: erik

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  1. I think that the little plastics straps that hold the toy tightly to the packaging are evil. I mean come on…who DOESN’T bring wire cutters to a birthday/holiday celebration.

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  2. I thought you woiuld show a video of him opening up the fruit roll-ups! High point of his life! Anyway, looked like a fun time ^__^

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  3. i miss everything!!!!! Well, make sure he knows auntie J has a gift for him when she comes home!

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