I finally finished reading the Connecting Church tonight. I got about halfway through it about a year ago when I became distracted and didn’t get back around to it. Our staff is reading it in order to get some perspective of how small groups might look at Stone Church. I think the author, Randy Frazee, has some great perspective on some of the difficulties the Church faces when trying to build meaningful community.

Part of what Frazee says is that authentic community requires common purpose, common place, and common possessions. In speaking about common possessions, Frazee isn’t speaking against Christian’s ownership of stuff, just that everything we have is submitted to God first. Anyway, I found this quote from the book thought-provoking:

The average American can build a life for themselves in which they don’t need anyone–but they shouldn’t.

I think sometimes it’s easy for us to forget the importance of relying on each other. But then again, do we ever reach a point when we “don’t need anyone”? Maybe, in our consumerist culture, we trick ourselves into thinking that we can do it on our own. Maybe we get so much stuff that we forget or don’t realize how much we need other people. I’m not sure how it happens, but building a life for ourself is probably one of the most selfish things a believer can do.

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