empty gesture

I found this picture a few days ago. Is it bad that I agree with it and find it funny? I think these ribbon things are just silly and useless. Sure it was “nice” when I first saw then, but why does every organization/cause/movement feel the need to have one now?

Author: erik

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  1. Because it’s hip.
    kinda like the whole rubber bracelet thing.
    I saw a bracelet one time that simply said “No cause What-so-ever”

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  2. Great pic. This has tons of spiritual implications.
    What is an “empty gesture” in church?
    – for some…hands up in the air
    – for some…attendance
    – for some…offering
    – for some..and occasional Amen.

    Empty Gestures….
    (i may need to blog about this.)

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  3. Hey Erik!
    Random question…but I kno you’ll see it if I post it here…how are you able to upload such long videos to your blog?? Anything over 100M won’t post for me, which is only like 60 seconds of film.

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