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The other day I blogged about my son’s birthday party. I thought I’d share another story from that night.

In the last couple of weeks, Parker has developed a love for Fruit Rollups. I’m not sure when he had his first one or how he found out about them, but he’s decided that they are the greatest food around.

Knowing this, my brother-in-law, Rich, decided to separately wrap up four boxes for his birthday. As Parker unwrapped each one, his expression and excitement grew.

“Fruit Rollups!? I LOVE Fruit Rollups!!”

As his reactions increased, he began to be unable to contain himself. By the time he opened the last box he was overwhelmed and shouted “I share dem wif all of you!”

I find it amazing that a four-year-old boy’s first reaction to such a treasured gift is to give it away.

I’m a blessed person. I live in a wealthy country with countless opportunity. I have resources that most of the world can’t even fathom.

And there’s more. I’m a broken and flawed person who has found restoration and hope in Christ. I’m sinful and unrighteous, yet through the work of Christ, I’ve been made whole and righteous in God’s eyes.

So I have to ask the question: What am I doing with all of these great gifts? Am I hording them and keeping them to myself? Or am I like Parker? Am I willing to give it all away out of gratitude and appreciation for all I’ve been given?

God help me to give away my “Fruit Rollups”.

Author: erik

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  1. I like the grape ones.
    Outstanding post!
    I question myself all the time: whether I do enough, do the right thing. I always wonder if I am living my life and using my gifts correctly.
    P. Erik, I think that you do an outstanding job! I don’t think that their is a single person (student or otherwise) that will disagree with me when I say that Stone is truly blessed to have such a caring and dedicated youth pastor. You and Bethany are truly a team that makes a world of difference in a lot of people’s lives.

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  2. Very good point. I sometimes find it hard to give, but when I do, it feels sooo good! Needless to say, I used to love playing with my fruit roll-ups ^__^

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