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  1. 18.

    However,I plan to try this out my next time in WeeKare and then give my real answer.

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  2. Hmmm…I don’t know. Maybe one?
    They can be kind of scrappy.
    Now, it is completely out of the question if there is more than one and they have a rope.

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  3. I can take 11 five year olds. But, that can’t be true, because I can’t take 2 toddlers sometime.

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  4. So…what this thing is telling me is that Bethany and I TOGETHER are equally matched against Erik? I don’t think so…we could more than take him together AND individually.

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  5. Okay, I’ve just been officially humiliated. I apparently would only be able to give 26 five year-olds their come-up’ns. Wow! Erik out-manned me. So if I go beat up Erik, would I get his points? Well, it doesn’t hurt to try…

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  6. mike, did you take the quiz? the website says that there are no weapons and you’re in an area the size of a basketball court.

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