Today I attended a meeting of some pastors in the Chicago area. We discussed the concept of team and how we need to implement that in our churches for effective ministry to take place. Doug was one of the speakers and one of the things he said was “We need to sacrifice ego on the altar of loyalty.”

There’s something about being human that makes this difficult. Something inside of us screams to be number one. Something desires for the spotlight to come our way. I think this is where many people fail. When I look back at people I’ve come across who have struggled in ministry or in their relationship with Christ; one common factor is their inability to put their ego aside. I’ve seen people who think they’ve built up a team or were part of a team. They preach it, teach it and declare it. But really they’ve just set up monuments for themselves. They build up a support system that serves their own needs instead of meeting the needs of the whole.

I’ve found that I constantly have to check myself to make sure that my loyalty isn’t to myself or to my own desires. Instead, I need to sacrifice my ego to the greater needs of the whole and to the needs of the team with which I am ministering.

One of my favorite passages addresses this very issue. When talking about Jesus, John the Baptist says this about Jesus: “He must become greater; I must become less” (John 3:30). Part of being a team player is about realizing when your role isn’t the star position.

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  1. As we go through life, a lot of our developement is focused on defining ourselves. When we get into the workplace, we try to distinguish ourselves. But when we are a part of a team, it is all about passing the ball. I view all Christians really to be a part of one big team. Focusing on lifting and furthering others should be a primary goal. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link (no bawdy tv references plz). If we all focus on building the other “links” in our lives, it automatically makes “our own link” stronger.
    Think about it. If you and 99 others build up one person, and that person and 99 others help to build you up…I think the result would be that each individual becomes stronger a lot faster. (Not sure about the math on this one, but it sounds logical).
    Great post!

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