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  1. More people that commute in Chicago need to see this video.
    They say that if the average commuter gave the person in front of them 5 more meters, there would be 45% less traffic jams.

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  2. Some people need to take a serious chill pill when they’re driving in Chicago. Quite frankly, I don’t care if someone is running 3 minutes late for work. They probably should have left earlier to begin with. I spent a lot of my first quarter cycling around Lincoln Park/the Loop, and people were absolutely ridiculous. I mean, how is my BIKE getting in the way of someone’s piece of crap car? I’ve seen racing bikes worth more than their hunk ‘o junk, and they’re freaking out on me.
    I must say, Chicagoans never leave anything to the imagination.

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  3. I didn’t think Superman would ever have to worry about traffic jamS?

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