My friend, Karis, asked me about the videos I post here on my blog. I started writing a response and quickly realized I might as well just make it a whole post.

There are two kinds of video on my blog.

  1. Videos from youtube or other similar video sites.
    • These videos are “embeded” in my post. I don’t upload any files or host them in any way. I simply find the video on youtube and copy the code found in the “Embed” box.
    • This code is pasted in my editor where I create a new post. When posting embed code, make sure you enter it after clicking on “Edit Html” in the upper right corner of where you type in content for your posts (on blogger).
  2. Personal videos from my camera.
    • Karis mentioned that the files she tries to upload are too big. About 100MB per minute. With file sizes that large, I would guess that her camera records in avi format. This results in very large file sizes. My camera records in this type of file.
    • So what I do is use Windows Movie Maker (free with every version of XP and Vista) to edit my videos and convert them. Even if you don’t want to edit them, you’ll want to run them through it to convert it to a wmv file. This will make your filesize much smaller.
    • For a free windows program, Windows Movie Maker does a pretty good job. It can crash and lock up easily, so save often.
    • I won’t go into whole tutorial on how to use the program here, but once you’ve imported your video and edited it, make sure you save the file “to your computer”. Then “show more choices” and then select “Other settings” “video for local playback 2.1Mps”.
    • This should drastically reduce the size of your files. If the file is still too large, just save with a different setting from the “other settings” dropbox.

If your camera records in another format (like Quicktime), then you’ll need to find a program that will convert video. Check out for programs to do this. It’s a trustworthy site and anything you download there will be safe (no spyware or viruses). Be careful though, because many of the programs required you to purchase them after a trial period.

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask questions in the comments and/or offer your own advice. Let us know if you are aware of any other software options.

Author: erik

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  1. Thank you!
    I didn’t realize the .avi format was what was keeping it so large. I will convert it to .wmv and see if that works. Thank you again! 😉

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