I’ve been working out the past couple of weeks and I’ve found myself learning the mores and customs of gym membership. For instance, there’s a cart with towels for members to use to wipe sweat off their body and off of the equipment.

Now, I don’t sweat that much. After about a mile on the treadmill I start perspiring a bit and face turns red, but that’s about it. But I grab a towel anyway, even when I’m not running. I use it more as a barrier between myself and any filth/fungus/disease that the last person left on the equipment. I just try not to think about it.

Then I came across this article a few days ago. Apparently a man was banned from his gym because he was sweating too much. The article explains that people were complaining and at one point, an employee even went over to him while he was on the bike and “sniffed” him.

How does someone sweat so much that they get kicked out of a gym?

Author: erik

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