what makes jesus unique? – week 1

We had a great night tonight with our students. We started a new series called, “What Makes Jesus Unique”. Tonight’s topic was His Word. I really struggled putting the message together. Not because I didn’t have anything to say, but because I had too much. I had a difficult time balancing the rote information with a practical challenge.

Anyway, that ended up not mattering after about 10 minutes in to my talk. At that point, a student in the front raised her hand to ask a question. We’re very laid back in our service, but I didn’t want to get distrated, so I ignored it and the hand went down. Then, another hand went up. This time in the back of the room. It was one of our older students, who wouldn’t have done this unless she really needed an answer. So I gave in and let her ask her question.

For the next 30+ minutes, students asked a barrage of questions from, “What about the Apocrypha?” and “How do we know the Bible is accurate?” to “If the Bible was passed down orally, then how do we know people’s opinions and perceptions didn’t influence it?” Now, I’m sure some of the students weren’t completely engaged in the discussion, but I was so impressed that students were wrestling with their perceptions of the Bible.

My goal in messages and discussion times like tonight is to help students walk through these difficult questions so that they end up owning their faith. Too many students graduate high school, go off to college and are bombarded with new thoughts and ideas that seemingly refute their beliefs. Instead of working through these issues, they abandon them and turn from their faith. My hope and prayer is that by walking through some of these issues with students now, helping them think critically and honestly about their faith, then they will be better prepared for when their beliefs are challenged later on in life.

I’m looking forward to next week when we discuss the life and person of Jesus.

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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    I remember my mind wrestling with questions like that at that age. Thankfully, there were youth leaders in my life who took the time to answer what they could…and ultimately pass on their unwavering confidence in the person of Jesus and in the Word. It’s so inspiring to know you and Bethany are providing that for the next generation of seekers! God bless you guys!!!

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  2. Wow, wish I could’ve been there… we went to my mom’s church on wednesday night, and the talk was very similar… no q & a but about scripture being sufficient enough. I liked and plan to share sometime soon!

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