what makes jesus unique – week 2

We had a great service tonight with our students at crew. Our current series is called “What Makes Jesus Unique?” Tonight we focused in on the Life of Jesus. Students were challenged to come to terms with who Jesus is (Liar? Lunatic? or Lord?). We spent about 30 minutes at the end in worship and in prayer with other each other.

Also, one of our students (instead of myself), led worship tonight. Reichert did a phenominal job. It freed me up to be able to connect with students before the service started.

I think we had a very genuine time of prayer and connection with God during our response time. Several students came forward to pray and I think students really did take time to connect with the risen Savior. I’m proud of students who are sensitive to the work of the Holy Spirit, and I’m also grateful for leaders who are their help encourage these students along the way.

We showed the following video tonight that makes fun fun of people’s perception of Jesus.

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  1. Loved the service P Erik.
    I thought that the entire time was very powerful!
    You are incredible at what you do and I think that the students sense your passion.
    Truly an amazing pastor and person!

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  2. this is my absolute favorite video…oh, and you looked cute last night in your orange shirt.

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