where’s aldo? pics

We had a great time on Saturday during our annual “Where’s Aldo?” contest. Here’s a few pictures from before we left.

My team was victorious. Here we are at WalMart. After this stop we had a “talk” about running in parking lots.

We blocked the second place team at Nonna’s for about four minutes (just enough to secure our first place spot).

At the Insalaco’s house, putting the Presidents in order.

We had the largest item from Goodwill for $4. We also bought the most items at Home Depot for $2 (61 1/4 nuts)

I think we scared the workers at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Merry Go-Round madness at the mall.

We found Aldo at my house, behind the couch! Not only we were last to leave, but we were first to finish!

Author: erik

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  1. hey did anyone else find this a little suspicious that Erik’s team won the event, and Erik is the one that planned the event. hey wait a min is this thing rigged?

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  2. aaron – i helped plan. but i let my students figure out the clues.

    even – aldo is one of our youth workers (the guy in the last pic).

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  3. Hey, what game is this, it looked like fun. I would like to do something like this with my group down here in Texas.

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