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Today our church held a teaching seminar with Earl Creps for some of the leadership team and volunteers. He discussed concepts regarding the missional church and how our culture demands that new methods and approaches be used in reaching people.

Here are some thoughts from the different sessions.

Session 1

  • Many church operate with the assumption that people have “read the rulebook” and will respond to the church in the same ways that people did generations ago.
  • The Church isn’t doing a good enough job of keeping up with population growth.
  • We need to lower the threshold of entrance to the church for our community. This doesn’t mean compromising truth, but it does mean removing unrealistic (extra-biblical) expectations and requirements.

Session 2

  • In discussing Acts 16 and the call to Macedonia, Earl gave some observations about people he called “God-fearing.”
  • Our ministry must avoid formulas, but must have a plan.
    • Paul went to synagogues first, and then the marketplace.
    • We generally teach/practice a model that stops at the synagogue.
  • “Christianity is not an explained religion, but a revealed religion.”

Session 3 – Missional Geometery

  • Take a chance on God.
    • Trusting God to do what we cannot and to lead us along the way.
    • Trusting God to use us right where we are at.
  • Take a chance on people.
    • We are going to have to gamble that the Holy Spirit will actually change people and that we can’t force people to change.
    • Jesus didn’t come to make good people better, but to make dead people live.
  • Take a chance on each other.
    • Being willing to throw everything up in the air and do what’s right for the whole and not yourself.
    • Valuing the whole group instead of your own status/role etc.

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  1. I really enjoyed this event. I think that Earl had a lot of great points. I pray that we as a church are brave enough to push the limits and reach out.
    (BTW you took WAY better notes than me)

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