finally a law that makes sense

If you’ve spent more than a few minutes with me, then you know that I’m no animal lover. I’ll never understand why people would want a nasty, smelly, hair-shedding animal living in their house and sleeping on their couch.


Anyway, you’ve heard about DUI’s, but a new law that is being proposed in California (it passed the California Assembly and is waiting for a vote in the Senate) would create a new criminal activity: DWD, or Driving with Dog. If passed, it would be illegal to ride in a motor vehicle with a dog on your lap.

My question is, “Why isn’t this already a law?”

I’ll be the first to admit that I talk on my cell phone in the car…without a headset (gasp!). People get all worked up about the dangers of cell phones, but what about all the people with mangy muts running all over their car while driving? I don’t see how this is a good idea or why this new law hasn’t already been passed.

Then again, I’ll never understand why anyone would consider having a pet, so maybe I’m just missing something. Either way, good for you, California.

Author: erik

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  1. here, here. and amen.

    i can’t stand cats or dogs either. šŸ™‚

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  2. Hey. You. Drop the chalupa. funny commercial. Although I am a huge fan of pets (especially dogs. Big ones), I find it ridiculous that people let them sit on their laps.
    WTG California! BTW, small dogs are not useful in any way.

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  3. Well, it’s a good idea… they should do it in every state… Dog-lovers have the smelliest cars… ick! However it’s no secret that I love cats!

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  4. I can tell you and Brian are brothers…he feels the exact same
    way about animals!

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  5. I agree with the new law but what if you have to take your dog to the vet? Don’t be a hater Eric. I can’t wait until Parker and Kent beg you for their first animal. Having an animal is good for kids and for their development. Did you have an animal growing up? I’m guessing, no.

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  6. bethany and i are a united front against any requests our boys have for an animal.

    you’re right, i didn’t have a pet growing up and i think i’m pretty well adjusted (though some may argue with that…).

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  7. i clean up two kid’s poop…i don’t need to add another animal to my list.

    honey, we are the perfect match. Let’s picket PETA.

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