orange conference session 5: louie giglio

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of days, but last week I never got around to posting my notes from the final general session at the Orange Conference.

Louie Giglio spoke about leading culture and how we impact culture.

There’s a pervasive perspective that attempts to influence culture through becoming relevant. Instead, Giglio suggested that the church should strive to be transcendent. Relevance only brings the us into step with the culture (and then, therefore, behind again), but transcendence pushes us in front of and beyond culture.

He mentioned two extremes in the way Church reacts to culture:

  1. Avoiding culture – pretending that culture doesn’t matter or perhaps simply ignoring it all together.
  2. Cultural infatuation – making culture a modern “Golden calf”

So how do we transcend culture? What’s the story in the midst of us today?

  • This story about Jesus is more about doing the Gospel than being the Gospel.
  • It is supernatural acts alongside supernatural stories.
  • A church that’s more about movement than walls.
    • Walls are predictable, reproducible, measurable
    • Movement is about wind. Nobody knows where it comes from or where it goes. It powers you forward.
  • It’s about the future more than the past.
    • A transcendent church is a church filled with young people.
    • We need to be who we are (as opposed to conforming to culture). And that is flat out amazing.

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