I’ve been reading from the Psalms in my chronological Bible recently. Today, I read from Psalm 78 which is basically a retelling of the history of Israel. There are several instances throughout the Scriptures where the authors will take time to provide a summary of the people’s past and their interaction with God during that time. Usually, it’s not a pretty picture.

Actually, it can be pretty depressing to read. Not because the Israelites continually fail and don’t get it, but because it tends to mirror the life of the believer my life so much.

There’s something important about remembering where you’ve come from. It keeps us honest. It forces us to acknowledge that we are still works in progress.

I don’t do this enough. I need to get away from the busyness of the present and the pressure of the future in order to remember (and recognize) the steady hand leading me through to this point.

Author: erik

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