8 years

Today Bethany and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. Bethany is absolutely amazing and I’m lucky to have found such a wonderful wife, friend and partner in ministry.

The last 8 years haven’t all been easy, but I can confidently say that my love for her and my commitment to her is stronger than it was back when we started.

I’m glad that she puts up with me in spite of all the knucklehead things I do.

We had what I can only describe as a “married people with kids” date tonight. Dinner at Chef Paul’s, ice cream at Coldstone (overrated!) and a trip to Borders to pick up a gift for Kent’s birthday. Throughout the evening we kept looking at our watches to see when we needed to get back to the kids. And, of course, we called the babysitter to make sure the boys were doing okay.

Actually, I had a great time just being with Bethany without the boys. Is that bad to say?

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  1. umm…this wasn’t the picture we agreed upon! I don’t like this one.

    My Coldstone was amazing..

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  2. I also posted this on Bethany’s blog…
    Happy Anniversary! God truly made the two of you for each other:-)

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  3. Bethany… what are you talking about you look good in that picture! You guys look tan… did you really go to hawaii for your anniversary?

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  4. yes pastor erik, it is a horrible thing to say

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  5. No, (even though I’m contradicting the words of the great relationship guru, Doug Havenford) it’s not a terrible thing to say. Someday it will be just you and Bethany. I’ve always said the greatest way a father can love his children is by loving their mother. Besides, Kent and Parker probably didn’t even notice that you were gone. Sorry!

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  6. Congrats my friend!…both of you!
    And…since I am a bit too far to fully incur Bethany’s wrath. I totally agree with you!
    Actually, I would anyways. (take with small piece of salt as I don’t have kids yet) kids are with you for 18 years (legally). Your spouse, God willing is with you for a lot longer than that. Embrace it.
    Cheers! And I hope that all is well!

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