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Eleven students stayed after our morning services today in order to take part in the first session of our Campus Missionary Training.

For seven weeks, our students will read through G5: Growing in the Five Commitments of a Campus Missionary with the goal of training them and preparing them to reach their schools. In August, just before school starts, we’ll call them forward during a Sunday morning service, pray for them and commission them to be missionaries to their campus.

Today’s session was introductory, but I went over the 5 things a Campus Missionary commits to do:

  • PRAY daily for friends, teachers, school administrators, and others who need Jesus’ hope.
  • LIVE a real, consistent Christian faith by reading, studying, and memorizing God’s Word and spending time in personal worship.
  • TELL her/his friends about Jesus.
  • SERVE in or begin an active campus club.
  • GIVE time and finances to promote Jesus’ hope globally.

I’m looking forward to the next two months and I’m trusting they’ll catch the vision for reaching out in their schools.

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