Yesterday I blogged about OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Today I’m posting about something equally disturbing: OCB (Old Country Buffet).

For some reason the pastoral staff at Stone Church loves this place. To me, it’s one step above a feeding trough. Even with the sneeze guards, it’s a petri dish of germs with utensils that have fallen into their serving platters.

There are two items at OCB that I don’t mind eating…usually. The fried chicken and the corn (they didn’t serve the later today). Everything else is just a bit “bleh” for me. Mashed potatoes? Fake and pasty. Carrots? Bitter and chewy. My stomach’s been screaming at me all evening for having eaten there.

And don’t forget the “waitress” that clears your dishes. Couldn’t I just do that myself? I mean, I’m already serving food to myself, why add a third party to get my drink and then take my plate away like I’m a two year old? Are these Waiter University dropouts? Are they waiters in training and haven’t been taught how to take a plate to a table? Does this person make the place more “classy”? To me it’s just another person I have to unnecessarily tip.

I think the staff likes OCB because they can make their own salad. The fundamental flaw in this, of course, is that “old country buffets” (if they ever even did exist) were probably not known for their vast amounts of rabbit food. Instead, I imagine buffets in the country involved meat and other good and important foods, like meat.

I think next week I’m going to come to staff meeting with a head of lettuce and throw it at anyone who suggests we go there again.

What are the restaurants you don’t like to eat at?

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  1. Pretty funny post Pastor Erik! I was curious of your blog because I see that your in youth ministry. So am I. How long have you been in this field? And what kind of church is Stone Church. I’ve never heard that kind of name before. I used to attend a Church on the Rock but never a Stone Church. Anyways…hope to hear back from you. By the way, I hate eating at Taco Bell! Down here in Texas we have what you called a Taco Bueno…now that place will minister to you!

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