We had a tornado come within a few miles of our house tonight. This is what it was like outside when the sirens first started.

After watching the radar online and the local news, I realized that the storm was going to pass just south of us.

This is what it was like when it was to the southwest of us (going northwest). This was as bad as it got.

Not very eventful, but I have to say that I think the local news guys feel like they have to justify why they have the Doplar system they use. Every other sentence sounded like an add for how great their equipment is. It must’ve been expensive because it got annoying very quickly.

Author: erik

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  1. I heard them keep saying frankfurt is next… I was worried and praying for God to protect you guys.

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  2. i was at the hospital in a patients room and they had the weather on, and i saw the storm moving near you guys…i am glad nothing happened!

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