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On Wednesday night in our youth service, I spoke about Water Baptism. Our main idea was “an outward sign of an inward grace.” You can dowload the handout here.

A couple of thoughts from my preparation and the message:

  • Baptism is a huge theological issue. I had forgotten how many varying (and strongly held) opinions there are on the subject.
  • I tend to shy away from “outward signs” because I’m cautious of being showy or I want to avoid wrong motivations. But I am reminded that God, especially in the Old Testament, majored in symbolism and outward expressions of worship and devotion.
  • Baptism is a command. Not following that command says something about our faith in Jesus (or lack thereof). Since we are saved by faith, then our decision to not be baptized has implications for our relationship with Jesus.
  • I realize Water Baptism is a one time event. But I think the idea of dying and being brought up into new life needs to be a daily experience for us. The act of being baptized may only occur once, but the ramifications of that decision ought to echo throughout our lives on a daily basis as we “take up our cross” and follow Him.

We also showed the following video. It’s been around for awhile, but I still laugh at it.

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  1. thanks for posting this…something that still weighs heavy on my heart being baptized as a baby!
    hilarious video:-)

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