It’s official. I’m an old man.

I decided to stay home today to celebrate (mourn?) with the family. We had a nice lunch at Portillo’s and then I dominated in a family game of mini golf. Of course, mini golf with two kids under five is more challenging, especially around the 12th whole when Kent starts to lose interest.

Bethany took Parker to the dollar store yesterday for my gifts and he picked out two items. The first was a microphone. I guess he thought I could use it at church.

The second item was amazing. Cologne.

Now, this isn’t your everyday, run of the mill cologne. It’s….wait for it….”Navigator” by Dana.

From the back of the packaging:

“Navigator…an exotic scent that takes you far, far away – the adventure begins with the first splash. With spices and fragrant essences that radiate from all points of the globe, discover the mystique of this unexpected masculine scent.”


Dana, I don’t know anything about you, but if this stuff smells half as good as that description, what is it doing at the Dollar General?

My wife put together several of my favorite things (Portillo’s lunch, Mountain Dew, Best Buy gift card) for my gift. I love her creativity and thoughtfulness.

Anyway, I’m grateful for all the texts and messages that I’ve gotten throughout the day. This is the first year I’ve gotten dozens of texts from friends and family throughout the day. It’s a very cool experience. It’s also the first birthday that I’m really starting to feel old.

At least I can look forward to more of that.

I’m rambling now (yet another sign of my age) so I’ll put this post to an end.

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  1. Sorry I didnt know ahead of time. Happy Birthday.

    I feel the pain, I turned 30 3 months ago. How bad is it that I had to stop and count on my fingers to figure out how long ago it was.

    Turning 30 was tough for me.

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  2. I can honestly tell you that 30 was my most awful birthday ever. I was leaving my 20’s forever. But I’ll let you know that 40 was fabulous so you have a lot to look forward to.

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  3. Please believe me…you are NOT an old man. because if you were what would that make me???
    Happy birthday! I can’t believe I have known you for 30 wonderful years!

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  4. you “dominated in a game of family mini golf.” You played against a four year old, a two year old, and a twenty nine year old who was focused on the four year old and two year old. Besides, it was your birthday, so I let you win.

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