look out

Author: erik

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  1. what do you think she’s looking at?

    maybe the big jumbotron wondering, “why are they showing me up on the big jumbotron? oh wait …”

    or maybe she’s staring at all the people at the end of the track screaming and motioning, “GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!”

    funny stuff.

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  2. i didn’t know dennis rodman ran track.

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  3. She’s probably getting ready to bust out a huge sign that says, ‘HI, MOM!’ and flash it in front of the jumbotron.
    And I’m with Bethany; since when did the D.Rod run track?

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  4. totally just saw bethany’s comment and I was going to put prior to seeing her comment

    “Dennis Rodman and Cameron Diaz need to watch out for one another”

    Gosh, bethany and I think alot alike!

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  5. Check the guy in orange sitting down. WOOOOOW!!

    What else can you say but WOW. If the clip was any longer, you would see it followed up by, THAT WAS AWESOME

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  6. OUCH! Poor Girl… How embarassing!

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