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This is a picture of “Lou and Lou: Safety Patrol.” It’s a show my sons watch on Disney. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s actually a show or not. I think it plays in between other shows and it acts as “filler” or at least some kind of public service announcement.

Lou and Lou are a brother/sister team that takes it upon themselves to keep others safe. While on the surface this may seem innocent, it’s actually incredibly obnoxious.

Lou and Lou have zero social skills and spend their episodes barging in on others and “keeping them safe” by sharing all of their “know-it-all” knowledge. I’m all for teaching kids to be safe, but this show does a better job showing kids how to develop an air of superiority over others.

You can view Lou and Lou in all of their haughty glory here. Click on the episode, “Play it Safe” to see them ignore an adult and boss around their sister and a nerdy kid at the playground.

I bring this up because tonight at dinner Parker informed Bethany: “Awwww….Mom, you have a safety violation: no talking with food in your mouth.”

After Bethany and I laughed a bit I looked over at Parker while I chewed some food.

“Good job, dad. You don’t have a safety violation because you’re not talking.”

They need to rename the show: “Lou, Lou and Parker: Agents of Everyone Else’s Business.”

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  1. my kids are always interrupting my wife and i’s conversations because of a safety violation some one has made.

    as much as i like how easy it is to get them to buckle up in the car now. al i gotta say is, “ah ah ah, you don’t want to get a safety violation”. but still, it is annoying.

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  2. no talking on the phone while driving, no taking off your seat belt to reach in to the mailbox while in your car, no standing on the counter to reach something high…i have found that these are all safety violations as well.

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  3. Makes me laugh… Halfway through reading your post I was wondering if Erik was annoyed with lou and lou because he got busted for a safety violation.
    Looks like both mom and dad got busted!

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  4. I must’ve been an accident waiting to happen as a child.. Who cares if a kid walks up the slide? And so what if someone is in the way? Haven’t they ever played the pile-up game? Why can’t kids be kids?

    That clip was entirely too much.

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