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I’ve been working with Jr. High and High School students for over ten years now. I’ve always known that adolescence is a difficult time, but sometimes I’m reminded of just how gross teenage guys can be. This past week in Detroit I slept in a gymnasium filled with them. Here are just a few of my observations:

1. Nasty food habits

  • During breakfast one morning I glanced over where the cereal was located. I noticed a guy begin to pour his milk and proceed to spill a sizable amount on the table. He paused for just a moment, looked at the spill, then finished filling his bowl and left the mess. I suppose his mommy cleans up after him. Nasty.
  • Then about five minutes later I spied another milk spill. This time it was on the floor, next to a sleeping bag containing a student. His head was about two inches from the mess. This led to the ant invasion later. Nasty.
  • There was opened food everywhere. If we were in the forest, we would have been overrun by raccoons in seconds.

2. Unhygienic hygiene.

  • One afternoon I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and saw a river of water coming out from under the door leading into the showers. I went in to investigate and discovered that two guys were showering in at least two inches of their own filth and all they had to do was unclog the drain.
  • Later that same day I left the bathroom and saw two toothbrushes lying on the gym floor just outside the bathroom doors.
  • Two words: Axe Showers

3. Lack of social graces

  • There were two sweaty, smelly guys who thought it was helpful if they showed of their manliness by wrestling with each other. They kept losing their grips on each other because they were sweating so much.
  • Two kids brought a huge (at least four foot tall) air mattress and decided it would be fun to jump on it over and over and over again. Each time I heard the “whoomp!” of their bodies hitting that thing I secretly hoped it would pop.
  • I came back to the gym one day and found my sleeping back wet. I told myself it was water only. That’s because I knew I wouldn’t be able to bear it if the wetness was caused by the Dynamic Sweating Duo from #1 rolling onto it during one of their “man shows.”

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  1. That.Is.Nasty.

    Gotta love junior high. I remember we couldn’t pass the guys’ locker room without literally needing a gas mask. Body odor and heavy Axe cologne is not a pleasant smell. The girls’ locker room smelled like a certain body spray, I forgot what it’s called. Every time I smell it, I die inside.

    I was awkward in jr. high, and pretty ugly as well. My younger sister, however, is not. She dresses better than me, and I’m the older sister. Hah! In my opinion, she shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house.

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  2. i vow to raise our boys better than this!!!

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  3. That is beyond gross!!
    i am SO glad that girls are cleaner then boys!!

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