traffic tuesday #4 – no wave

Today’s traffic rant has to do with common courtesy. It’s kind of a follow up to my first Traffic Tuesday. That post dealt with trying to turn right at a light and being blocked by an oblivious driver in front of you who won’t pull forward.

Today, we’ll put ourselves into the car in front. If you’ve ever moved forward so someone else can get through, you’ve probably experienced “the wave.” This is the kind gesture that signifies gratitude for your obvious awareness and concern for others.

For some reason there are some people who can’t/won’t/don’t respond in this way. This has confounded the wisdom of men for ages, but here are some of the possible reasons why:

  • They are in a hurry because they’re running late for work. But they’re not very late because they think they can still make it on time, and waving at you would slow them down at least a second or two.
  • They are so safety conscious that taking one hand off of their steering wheel would break their perfect 10 year record of “10 and 2” driving.
  • They are blind. Okay, it’s a stretch, but it does account for most of the bad driving that occurs.
  • They’re concentrating so hard on turning as described in Traffic Tuesday 3, they don’t realize they’re leaving something out.
  • They’ve just left an amusement park and rode the Train Ride all day and they’re tired of waving at complete strangers.
  • They believe that the universe revolves around themselves and the fact that you moved forward only proves that belief to them. Because they think this is true, they expect that everyone would be waving at them.

Bottom line: Just wave people.

Author: erik

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  1. Once again Perik, a couple good chuckles… I am beginning to like traffic tuesdays 🙂

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