traffic tuesday #5 – lame loud music

Several days ago I was minding my own business while driving home from the office. Somewhere around 173rd Street I head a strange noise. I quickly realized that it was coming from the stereo in the car pulling up next to me.

Now, before I continue, I need to say that I don’t usually mind if people play their music very loud. Sure, there are times when the vibrations from the sub woofer cause the car to rattle and almost fall apart, but that’s to be expected.

This incident, however, was very different.

I’m not sure what genre of music this guy was playing, but I only know how to describe it as a Spanish, urban, love song performed by some male artist. Yes, you caught that right. A guy was playing this song.

Some songs were just made to be blasted as you cruise down the road. Other songs are great for working out. There’s songs for parties, others for putting you to sleep and some that inspire.

This song was made to torture everyone who heard it. It was awful. I can’t even begin to express how bad it was. I turned my own radio up to blot out the noise. I drove faster to try to get away, but still the voice of this Don Juan pursued and punished me.

Just thinking about it again makes me shudder.

Here’s a video that is about a hundred times better than the one I heard that day. Even with that seemingly glowing recognition, it should never, EVER, be blasted from a car stereo because of how awful it is.

Author: erik

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