After several months, I’m finally taking some time off. I’ll be home this week using up some of my vacation days. I’m looking forward to relaxing, spending extended time with the family and catching up on some stuff around the house.

I’ve discovered that I need to plan time off a little better. I’ve only taken a few days so far this year and I’m really feeling it. I realize that I need space to recoup and refresh. I feel a bit thin and worn out now (of course, that could just be the age).

Parker is with Bethany’s family today. It was great being able to give Kent some extra attention. I could tell he was a little lost without his big brother, but then again, he didn’t seem to mind that he had us all to himself.

Bethany and I watched “Stranger than Fiction” tonight. I saw it in the theaters and enjoyed it as much then as I did tonight. My wife, however, didn’t care for it. I think she zoned out during the opening credits. She definitely doesn’t have the attention span necessary for stories like that. Better luck next time Netflix!

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  1. What? The Queen didn’t like STF? Does her Highness not like puppies either? Does she spit in the face of the homeless and the orphan? How could she not like STF? Unfathomable.

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  2. I have a short attention span? No, I just don’t like movies that have monotone dialogue, no climatic event, and cannot happen in real life.

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